Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is an advisory body for the pastor and meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every odd-numbered month at 6 pm. The council consists of 5 elected members, representatives from the Knights of Columbus and the Council of Catholic Women, the parish trustees, and the clergy.


Elected members of the Pastoral Council are:

Kista Brunkhorst (elected 8/16, exp. 8/20)

Mary Conger (elected 08/14, exp. 08/22)

Jeff Hoag (elected 8/16, exp. 8/20)

Krisi Roy (appointed 3/17, exp. 8/20)

Sheila Speedling (elected 08/12, exp. 08/16)

Tracy Tschida (elected 8/18, exp. 8/22)

Kitty Young (elected 08/14, exp. 08/18)