Women's Program

Faith Formation Program for Women

Women from St. Emily’s and Immaculate Heart are invited to participate in the program for fall.

The women's group will be doing things a little differently this year. Instead of a book study, each week will bring in a unique aspect of life that might be tempting to see as "separate" from our faith, but in fact can be used to glorify God. Learn to look for God where you least expect Him, hear His voice when it is just a whisper, and begin to see every aspect of your day through the lens of Catholic glasses. Some weeks there will be activities, some weeks there will be speakers, some weeks will be testimonies. No matter where your knowledge of the faith is, or where you prayer life is right now, you belong. Since there is no book, you won't feel like if you miss a week, you're too far behind to "catch up." While each week will have proper social distancing and masks, this will be a time of community that we all deperately need.

Start Date: TBA.

Contacts: Marie Schmid ([email protected]) or Krisi Roy at [email protected].