Sacrament of Confirmation

The Sacrament of Confirmation is for high school students who are ready to deepen their relationship with Christ and begin His mission of spreading the Gospel. They will concentrate on preparing for their new role as confirmed, adult members of the church. Students will discover ways to carry out the teachings of Jesus and how to continue living as faithful Christians through the sacrament of Confirmation.

Requirements for the Sacrament of Confirmation include participating in weekly confirmation classes, attending an overnight confirmation retreat, and completing twenty service hours at church and in the community. The retreats are led by staff from the Diocese of Duluth and a Confirmation retreat team.

Each student must provide proof of baptism in the form of a Baptismal Certificate from the parish where they were baptized. Forms that students must complete for confirmation include the Confirmation Candidate Record Form and a Confirmation Sponsor Record Form

Sponsors for confirmation candidates must meet the following requirements:   

  • Must be 17 years old and sufficiently mature for this role.
  • Must be a Catholic who has been confirmed and received First Communion.
  • Must lead a life in harmony with the faith and role as sponsor.
  • Cannot be a parent of the candidate.
  • Cannot be prohibited by canon law from serving as sponsor.

If you would like more information about the education and requirements for the Sacrament of Confirmation, please contact the parish office 218-692-3731.