Endowment Fund

The Immaculate Heart Endowment Fund was established so that we as a parish could collectively create a foundation for our children, grandchildren and the generations that follow.  It is a fund rooted in our Catholic faith and determined to foster a vibrant Catholic community in the Crosslake area for many generations to come. 


The Mission of the Endowment Fund

  1. To provide additional support for the mission, maintenance, capital requirements, and continued existence of Immaculate Heart Church, and
  2. To support organizations, entities and individuals to further the mission of the Roman Catholic Church locally, nationally and internationally.

The unique feature of the Endowment Fund is that the funds are permanently invested.  An annual distribution of income generated by the Fund supports the mission indefinitely.  The Fund creates the financial foundation for continuous and never ending support of our Parish mission.

From the annual payout, our church tithes 10% in the form of a Grant.

The Immaculate Heart Endowment Committee is now accepting grant requests for its 2018 distribution from the Immaculate Heart Church Endowment Fund.  Grant requests will be accepted from organizations, entities and individuals for the purpose of furthering the mission of the Roman Catholic Church, locally, nationally or internationally.  Grant requests must be submitted to the Parish Office by March 1, 2020 to:

Immaculate Heart Endowment Committee
PO Box 155
Crosslake, MN 56442

Phone: 218-692-3731

For a copy of the grant request form please click here. Print the form, complete it and submit to the parish office.