Home Mission

History of the Account

A number of years ago, a woman from the area died and bequeathed about $8,000 to Immaculate Heart Church, with the stipulation that it be used for the needs of the local community. It was named the "Home Mission Account" and has been used according to her wishes. 

There is a national second collection for Catholic Home Missions held in the fall of each year. This is a national collection and completely separate from our local home mission account.

To Donate

Thank you for your consideration of donating to this account. The need is great.

There are several ways to make a donation to the Home Mission Account.

  • Write a check payable to Immaculate Heart and indicate "Home Mission Account" on the memo line.
  • Donate electronically. You can make a one-time gift by clicking Electronic Giving and specifying "Home Mission Account" when you set up your donation.
  • You can donate by stock donation. Call Mary Hagen in the parish office to get more information.

 Thank you! Donations of any size are welcome!

To be a Recipient

Recipients of money from the Home Mission Account are screened and interviewed individually at the pastor's discretion by the pastor or his representative. Please be aware that the parish may refer potential recipients to outside local organizations that may provide more relevant help than the parish can give.